Thursday, May 19, 2011

Project 4

And that's how a 4th project is done ladies and gentlemen. ;D

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Project 3! Here we go!

Alright, so I was meaning to post updates as I went along on this project, but due to schedule constraints and a case of very mild depression on my part this last week, I had like... no drive.

Enough with the excuses though, let's get to it.

I decided to completely scrap my prior idea. I was just feeling it at all, and instead decided to just doodle until I came up with something that I thought would make a good painting. I didn't really save them because they were really just little doodles that I couldn't care less about, but one of them did stand out just because I mainly focused on the facial expression

Thought it was humorous and decided to have at it. I think I was supposed to refine the sketch before starting painting, but I didn't do that, I went straight into roughly shading the piece.

I liked the general direction of where it was going and decided to go full speed ahead.

This by far took the most amount of time. Figuring out where I wanted the lighting to be, picking out the base colors and then smoothing them out to really get a sense of depth. Of course, there were a few pesky details missing from the piece.

I originally thought to not put in a tongue, but it does add something and the little veins across the eyes, I thought at least, were a nice touch.

Put in a BG next just to ground the thing. Wasn't a huge fan of the colors I'd picked for the BG though. Also noticed that the composition really sucked.

So I added a bottle in the background to see if that would fix the composition at all, and all it did was make it glaringly obvious that my character was far too big for the space allotted. So I shrunk him down. While I was at it, I changed the BG colors to be more darker and muted to really push them back. Noticed the table looked too bare in the corner so I quickly added a little potted plant to give it something. Edited the contrast a bit, put a hint of orange in the corners of the piece. Then kind of just finished it up by unifying the colors. Put a little red in the shadow and on the bottle, etc etc. Basically I just went and finished the piece.

Oh yeah, I also went in and tried to make the jar more transparent. Put the copyright and contact info in there, also hid a more painterly signature in there as well for lulz. That's basically it.

So here's my digital painting from a sketch. There are many like it, but this one's mine.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Project 4

I was having a devil of a time to come up with an idea to draw but finally settled on one that I think will turn out nicely.

So here's the rough...

and here's the cleaned up more detailed sketch I'll paint off of...

I color coded it as well.

I think the composition is missing a few elements here and there, but overall I think the sketch gives a good of enough of a groundwork to go on.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011

So 5 sketches for the 3rd option huh?

Well here we go.

I could do faces, tons of different faces:

Or I could do characters! Monsters, mish-mashes, and all sorts of stuff!

Whatcha think?